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(Over)working Out…

Am I crazy? Working out is supposed to make you feel good and happy, right?

I’ve told my boyfriend more than once that I’ve felt depressed post workout and it’s a bit worrisome. I figured it was worth researching to see if I was the only one.

Depression after working out is more common than I thought. Sure, exercising releases endorphins which are supposed to make you feel good (thanks Elle Woods) but if you’re over training it could deplete you of necessary nutrients like glucose and protein. I haven’t been eating a light snack before working out, going straight from work to the gym. Even though I ate lunch (around 11:15am) by the time I make it to the gym around 5:30 it’s already been 6 hours and some change since my last fuel. I’m running on empty as I’m working out, making my glucose level low. This combined with overexercising could be the main reason causing my post-workout depression.

As we speak, I feel very sad with a headache that won’t let up. Yesterday I was eager to get a good workout in and I think my determination backfired on me.

If you already have a chemical imbalance, working out can increase that imbalance, making you more unstable. If you’re already stressed out, overexercising can increase your worry. Preexisting anemia can also cause some of these symptoms during or post work out.

Symptoms you may be overdoing your workouts are;

Extreme fatigue, Soreness, depression, hopelessness, feeling drained, upset stomach, and/or headaches.

If you are having symptoms such as these during or after your workouts, eat plenty of protein, have a light snack before exercise, drink lots of water, and take it easy on yourself (especially when doing cardio). You may even want to see a doctor if your symptoms are severe. Personally, I’ve found that drinking a detox tea can help relieve some of these symptoms as well.

For now, I’m going to drink my detox tea and hopefully get through the rest of my workday, wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “(Over)working Out…”

  1. Poor you!
    i sometimes feel that way, around my period. But as I think about all the opportunities that lie ahead. I thank God, for what I am and how I am. It helps me feel better. It’s a sad situation. If i can be of any help, please use my contact page, I’m used to helping others?


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