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Treat yourself…

No lie… I have been on an “I deserve it” kick for the past few months…

I was supposed to be buying a gift card a week or picking up a small gift every pay check for future birthdays and Christmas. Have I been doing so?


Here we are, five months in and I’ve only bought one gift card. I’m so disappointed in myself.

The past few years, it’s been key that I get gifts in advance because once the time comes it’s so stressful to get everything all at once. When I have gifts lined up, I can enjoy the holiday season so much better!

I know it’s a little early to think about Christmas but getting small gifts in advance takes some of the burden off or can come in handy in case you forget someone’s birthday.

To be honest, I have been too busy buying myself things that I don’t necessarily need. It’s definitely time to stop treating myself and reach some goals!

Does anyone else like to shop in advance?


4 thoughts on “Treat yourself…”

  1. I’ve actually just started because of the exact reasons you stated haha I bought a money tin that I can only open with a tin opener with that hope I’ll be strong enough to stay away from it haha I earn gift cards from doing surveys online so any I get go straight in there and I put at least £40 in every month just to make sure that when it comes, I’m not running around like a idiot trying to get organised for it. I’ve been thinking about it since January 1st so no it’s not too early 😂 I’m stressed already!

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    1. LOL! I’m already stressed myself! I need to get one of those tins you’re talking about! Are you on mturk for surveys? If not, you need to let me know your secret lol


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