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Blah, what a way to end the work week… I’m hungover. At work. Again.

It was fun in the meantime but now the word is  “Whyyyyy?”

Why did I get drunk and play my clarinet with my sister and step daughter?

“But it was so fun…!” the devil on my left shoulder says.

“You knew better, I’m really disappointed…” the angel on my right shoulder says.

“Ugh…” I say.

“Damn me…” I say.

“Zzzzzzz” I lay.

“Dear god…” I pray.pexels-photo-290316.jpeg


2 thoughts on “Hungover…”

  1. I can so relate to this! Even though I’ve been almost 3 years sober I remember what it was like to be hungover and referring to alcohol as a devil. It’s like the battle of your soul vs the alcohol demon. Hang in there sister 💜

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