Fun Goals

I have been making an effort to do more things that are an experience rather than purchasing material objects this year. I call these experiences, fun goals… well at least for the sake of this blog post.

One of my fun goals this year is to attend more concerts!

Quite honestly, I think I’ve already attended my concert of the year by going to Odesza…

The sound system, visual effects, music, and production made for an unforgettable show! The bass was so strong, the vibrations relaxed my whole body, I’m not even kidding! It was pretty therapeutic.

This is going to be one tough act to follow. If you like indie music, chillstep, or anything spiritual sounding with BIG BEATS, you’ll love this band.Β  Their sound is in a category of their own. The members of this band are so creative and really know how to compose a show! I’m still in awe… Now I can daydream about their light show and visual effects along with my vacation. What a dream, April has been good to me!

Do you have any fun goals this year?


3 thoughts on “Fun Goals”

    1. Thank you for commenting!!! I don’t get many so it’s much appreciated! I have another big concert lined up for July and I’m ready! There’s a ton of bands that are coming here (kansas City) but I haven’t got anymore scheduled as of yet


      1. It does take a bit of time to get an established audience, but you’ll have more comments than you can handle in no time. πŸ˜‰

        Good luck finding more fun concerts to keep you entertained all summer long! 😁


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