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I recently went on a short vacation (6 days is definitely not enough) and while it was wonderful, it didn’t give me the “reboot” in life that I usually get when I return from paradise. Usually going on a vacation gives me a refreshed outlook on my life. I feel recharged and have the drive to go to work and do my home duties. This time, vacay did the opposite…

It was two weeks ago already and I’m still:

  1. Hating and dreading my commute to work.
  2. Mad about housework.
  3. Absolutely sick of cooking.
  4. Irritated as hell with anything mildly annoying.
  5. Moody.
  6. Tired and fed up with my job.
  7. Daydream about the beach.

Usually,  vacations give me shelf life and a longer fuse on these things… but not this time….

Luckily, I have something to look forward to tonight. I’m going to see one of my favorite bands “Odesza” tonight and I’m making today a half day at work. I’m definitely needing this excitement! I think that’s what everyone needs in life.

Until then… I’ll just keep thinking about this view. Oh how I miss Destin, Florida.



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